Joe Suba

Actor and Film Producer @Joesuba / Facebook

Joe Suba was born in Harlem, New York

Growing up as an only child, he participated in boxing, martial arts, and even earned a black belt in karate. As an adult, he mastered these skills and they eventually paid off in a major way. One day while exercising at a Harlem boxing gym, he caught the attention of famed Film Producer, Roger Corman. Joe was first scouted as a Boxing extra for the movies Rage and Discipline. However, after noticing his natural ability to act, he was instead given a lead role. Director Brian Clyde also took notice to his talent and made Joe an Associate Producer. Through performing his own stunts and acting out hand to hand combat with knife and gun fighting, Joe added to his popularity in the Entertainment Industry. As he popularity grew, so did his career.

Soon, because of the quality of the actors, scripts, production, and direction, Rage and Discipline became Cult Classics. Once again getting the opportunity to showcase his talents in Mixed Martial Arts, Joe starred in the action films Blue Underground and Operation Rogue, where he had the pleasure of working alongside fellow actors Marc Dacascos, Sofia Pernas and Treat Williams.

Blue Underground

During its filming, Joe also served as the Producer for Blue Underground. Moving to a different genre, Joe tapped into his sense humor and earned his first ever comedic role in the movie Run: Part 1. So far, he has stared in 15 films. These films included Opium War, which was directed by Golden Globe recipient, Siddiq Barmark. The critically acclaimed film won Best Foreign Film at the Rome International Film Festival, and for his role, Joe took home the Best Actor Award from the Kish International Film Festival.

Life, as of now

Today, Joe continues to work in the Entertainment Industry. As a Producer, he recently completed a full feature Horror film titled, In The Shadows Of Sugar Hill, which he also acts in as one of the main characters. Taking a small step away from acting, he has started his own digital media company, Suba Media.

His work in his and other Entertainment companies has allowed him to gain multiple other talents. Joe can speak in different accents such as British, and he is currently learning how to speak Russian. As a committed Actor, he is now passing down his tireless work ethic to the most important people in his life, his two sons. Joe’s life and professionalism throughout the entertainment community has made him a role model to not only his sons, but others hoping to break into the industry. When he is not taking on the most challenging role of being a father, acting or making new movies, Joe enjoys training in Self Defense, Boxing, Bikram Yoga, and practicing his skills in gun handling and knife fighting.

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Body of Work

For me, acting is my source of inspiration that drives me towards what I want to accomplish in life, be a better person and a capable member of the community. We all carry multiple personalities inside of us; some of them are wild and some weird. I do not know what I carry inside of me, because I found a way to let it out.

I took up acting because it lets me be that character and seek into my own self; uncover what it feels to think and behave like the character I am in and see if it is what defines me.

Life is a never-ending struggle and we have to hustle to survive. The moment our hustle ends, we are swept away by the tides of time and winds of change. We have to adapt to the changes otherwise we will be no more.

However, some of us do not want to change as it happens, they are the ones who decide that they will be the change, and make others and the community change and evolve according to the terms THEY set. This is when we get revolutionaries, visionaries, leaders, mentors and sources of inspiration. My hustle is to be one of those who inspires and carries the change within him.

Time tests us and no matter we win or lose against it, it gives something back. Experience if we win and a lesson if we lose. That’s why I believe that there is nothing that a man should not try; whatever happens, you are never going to lose. This vision towards my life led me to produce two movies, “Blue Underground” and “Shadows Of Sugar Hill” under my production company G&S Productions.

We are working towards completion of another movie, “The King Of China Town”, which is a story of gangs of two communities trying to take over the other. The survival is of the fittest, and which comes out to be the best of the two, whether one takes over the other or both fight till the end of their resources and then retreat back to their nests with no conclusion, watch it to find out.

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Black Market Love

Directed by: Beau Ballinger

Starring: Beau Ballinger, Joe Suba, Angel Alinas

Synopsis: Trey Riley hops a plane to Manila to find his older brother, whom he hasn't seen in five years. Upon arriving he discovers not only has his brother been murdered but that he was involved in the sex trade of Manila.

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