Body of Work

Growing up in the streets of Harlem as an only child, Joe was a very intelligent and productive type of a kid. He took keen interest in martial arts, sports, music and boxing.

He was cast as a boxing extra at an early age by the renowned film producer Roger Corman who realized it that Joe had an amazing potential and talent for acting. Joe has worked in several films and is known in the industry for performing his own stunts. In addition to acting, Joe Suba takes keen interest in social media marketing and his ongoing business ventures. Moreover, his latest website Suba Media has been launched to bring a new style to the industry of social media marketing and promotions.

With his natural talent and several accomplishments, Joe has made his people and New York proud on several occasions and the artist has greater plans in the years to come.


Joe Suba is a renowned multi-talented and versatile actor from New York City.

Born in 1978, the artist created films such as 'Blue Underground' and 'Shadows of Sugar Hill'. Besides acting, the Harlem based New Yorker is also branding a couple of other startups along with a juice start up called 'Prayer and Juice'. His other startups include 'Energy Apparel', '45minutes of Hell' (OnLine) Training.

  • Featured Film:

    Blue Underground

    Directed by: Roderick Giles

    Writers: Nadrae Grashin, Joe Suba (co-writer)

    Starring: Joe Suba, Brett Joseph DePetrillo, Charles Godbold

    Synopsis: Two NYC cops working for a fight promoter who hosts underground death matches find themselves fighting for their very lives after a deal gone bad.

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  • Short Film:

    The Run

    Directed by: Kaixiang Zhang

    Writer: Kaixiang Zhang

    Starring: Scott Churchson, Salvatore DelGreco, Joe Suba

    Synopsis: Fight film

  • Featured Film:

    Black Market Love

    Directed by: Beau Ballinger

    Writer: Beau Ballinger

    Starring: Beau Ballinger, Joe Suba, Angel Alinas

    Synopsis: Trey Riley hops a plane to Manila to find his older brother whom he hasn't seen in five years. Upon arriving he discovers not only has his brother been murdered but that he was involved in the sex trade of Manila.

  • Featured Film:

    45 Minutes of Hell Vol.1

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