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Actor and Film Producer, Joe Suba was born in Harlem, New York. Growing up as an only child, Joe participated in boxing, martial arts, and even earned a black belt in karate. As an adult, he mastered these skills and they eventually paid off in a major way. One day while exercising at a Harlem boxing gym, he caught the attention of Roger Corman, the famed Film Producer. Joe has acted in 4 war films produced by Roger Corman, three of which have been shot in the Philippines.

At the start of his acting career, Joe was first scouted as a Boxing extra for the movies Rage and Discipline. However, after noticing his natural ability to act, he was instead given a lead role. Director Brian Clyde also took notice of his talent and made Joe an Associate Producer. Through performing his own stunts and acting out hand-to-hand combat with knife and gun fighting, Joe’s popularity in the entertainment industry soared. As his popularity grew, so did his career.

Soon, because of the quality of the actors, scripts, production, and direction, Rage and Discipline became Cult Classics. Getting the opportunity to showcase his talents in Mixed Martial Arts once again, Joe served as the Producer and actor in the action film, Blue Underground. While acting in the action film, Operation Rogue, he had the pleasure of working alongside fellow actors like Mark Dacascos, Sofia Pernas, and Treat Williams.

So far, he has stared in 12 films that include Opium War, which was directed by Golden Globe recipient, Siddiq Barmark. The critically acclaimed film won Best Foreign Film at the Rome International Film Festival, and for his role, Joe took home the Best Actor Award from the Kish International Film Festival.

Today, Joe continues to work in the entertainment industry. As a Producer, he recently completed a full feature Horror film titled Shadows, which he also a small role in the film, he has started his own Production Company, Suba Media, and a podcast, SUBA TALKS, where he hosts talks on health and wellness, acting, producing, politics, and branding.

Joe’s work in his and other entertainment companies has allowed him to gain multiple other talents; he can speak eloquently in a British accent, and is still learning to speak Russian, which he started learning after landing an acting role. Joe's life and professionalism throughout the entertainment community have made him a role model to others hoping to break into the industry. When he is not taking on the most challenging but fulfilling role of being a father, acting or making new movies, Joe enjoys training in Self Defense and hand-to-hand combat, Boxing, Bikram Yoga, and practicing his skills in gun handling and knife fighting.

Actor and Film Producer

Joe Suba is a renowned multi-talented and versatile actor from New York City.

Born in 1978, the artist created films such as 'Blue Underground' and 'Shadows of Sugar Hill'. Besides acting, the Harlem based New Yorker is also branding a couple of other startups along with a juice start up called 'Prayer and Juice'. His other startups include 'Energy Apparel', '45minutes of Hell' (OnLine) Training.

  • Featured Film:

    Blue Underground

    Directed by: Roderick Giles

    Writers: Nadrae Grashin, Joe Suba (co-writer)

    Starring: Joe Suba, Brett Joseph DePetrillo, Charles Godbold

    Synopsis: Two NYC cops working for a fight promoter who hosts underground death matches find themselves fighting for their very lives after a deal gone bad.

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  • Short Film:

    The Run

    Directed by: Kaixiang Zhang

    Writer: Kaixiang Zhang

    Starring: Scott Churchson, Salvatore DelGreco, Joe Suba

    Synopsis: Fight film

  • Featured Film:

    Black Market Love

    Directed by: Beau Ballinger

    Writer: Beau Ballinger

    Starring: Beau Ballinger, Joe Suba, Angel Alinas

    Synopsis: Trey Riley hops a plane to Manila to find his older brother whom he hasn't seen in five years. Upon arriving he discovers not only has his brother been murdered but that he was involved in the sex trade of Manila.

  • Featured Film:

    45 Minutes of Hell Vol.1

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    Are you ready to take your body to the next level?

  • Featured Film:


    Directed by: Brian Clyde

    Writer: Brian Clyde

    Producer: Joe Suba

    Synopsis: Visions and dreams of a Demonic Specter begin to haunt ALAN MCBRIDE, pulling him back into a past he left behind twenty years ago. He soon finds out that members of his old crew are disappearing under strange and macabre circumstances.